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Iron PTC earning strategy

Started by Admin 2019-03-23 at 14:20
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As with all websites there is a way to maximise your earnings on Iron PTC. I am going to share a few strategies to give you the best experience on Iron PTC!

Click all ads daily:
We show a google captcha challenge every so often to ensure you are not a bot trying to teal from us. This is mandatory for the first few clicks, then appears at random times while surfing the ads. The rest of the time there is No Captcha!

Click all Clixgrid ads daily:
No captchs, no guaranteed earnings but you could win up to 10 cents per click!

Claim your daily bonus:
You will win 1 day upgraded Membership or a 1 day membership extension for upgraded Members, this means your upgrade will never expire as long as you claim your daily bonus every day! No other PTC offers as many bonuses as we do!
You can also win up to 10 cents for each claim, PLUS your membership Multiplier! (usually 0.001 - 0.05 with a 10% chance of $0.06 - 0.10)
Claiming your daily bonus also gives 100 Points for our contests AND unlocks our Paid to post forum!

Paid to Post Forum:
Once you have claimed your daily bonus and clicked at least 200 ads, you will be eligible for Paid to Post on this forum. Get paid for every topic and replay you post (must be logical to the content matter, at least 100 characters and must also not be copied or stolen from anywhere)

We have a Daily Click contest with 3 winners (1st = 5c, 2nd = 3c and 3rd = 1c)
A monthly Click contest with 1 prize of $3
a Monthly offer contest, complete offers on our offerwalls to score points, the 1st place prize is triple your offerwall earnings!

If you complete all these tasks every day, you will be able to earn an unlimited amount every day! with just PTC, Grid and the daily bonus the minimum is $0.021 and the maximum is $0.22 daily without any contest winnings.. This is all without referrals.. With referrals you can multiply your daily earnings over and over again!