Frequently Asked Questions
What is IronPTC?

Iron PTC is a new PTC dedicated to rebuilding the PTC industrys core values by improving the industrys appeal and improving knowledge of expected rewards. Simple Join, Click cashout from $0.10..

Can i rent Referrals or buy shares?

No. we let you earn by viewing ads. It is all that is needed in a PTC website. Refer your friends and advertise us on other sites to earn up to 80% of your referrals earnings. We dont over inflate the earning possibilities. all earnings on offer here are backed by previous advertising sales not paying members with new investments.

How do i get paid?

We pay you on request as long as you have a minimum of 10 cents in your account. Standard members are paid weekly on a Friday, all upgraded and Golden members are paid daily. We pay using bitcoin only. This is because we use the blockchain to send all payments and also we can prove the payments have been sent. Again giving more clarity and trust back to the industry.

If you dont use bitcoin you can open a wallet for payments here:

Once you get paid you can deposit to our selected exchange and cashout in payeer or perfect money

I have been suspended!!! WHY????

The only reason we permanatly suspend accounts is for clicking our ads using an auto clicker, or using the website with a proxy! These are both bad for our advertisers and is stealing from us. We dont allow it and if your account is suspended it is for one of these reasons.

Remember dont use any autoclicker or Proxy/VPN to use our site or we will ban you forever! We want to keep our sites stable and safe for everyone.

Do i need to click all ads?

No, if you only want to earn from your referrals click just 5 or 10 ads whatever the site requires. We offer 64 PTC ads, 100 Grid Clicks and 1 bonus click for all members you can click 1, 2 50 or all of them, however many or few you need. You can still cashout once you have the minimum required for withdrawal.

Do i need to Upgrade?

Nope, we pay all members upgraded or standard. Upgrades are just for those who want more from their time. For example a Golden Member get 10 Times the value for each click and 80% of what his referrals earn by clicking. As a golden member you can earn $0.10 per day just from your own PTC clicks..

I dont like clicking but love referring.. What do i do?

tap yourself on the wrist for not joining sooner. You dont need to click to earn from your referrals. Just join promote your downline builder to promote 10+ sites ar once or just your referral link for this website. its that simple!