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Welcome to IronPTC!
Published on 17-02-2019

Welcome to Iron PTC! We are a brand new website offering an easy simple way to earn using PTC sites. We dont believe in renting referrals, then selling memberships worth thousands of dollars so you can just about profit after $5,000 invested.. Theres none of that here!


We pay from just 10c and we offer a stable way of earning and referring others. Everyone can refer unlimited referrals and be free to bring back the old days of enjoying PTC websites. We only send payment using bitcoin so we can prove all payments have been sent. we can also send multiple payments at once reducing the cost of running the website, this passes the avings onto you.

If you dont use bitcoin or know what it is then go to to learn more and open a secure wallet.

Once you get a payment if you dont want to keep the bitcoin then use our preferred exchange to convert and withdraw to Perfect Money or payeer instantly, securely and safely! - Click here for our preferred exchange Yobit

Remember dont use Proxy/VPN software or autoclickers to login or view ads we will find you and permanantly suspend you without warning.

I hope you earn here forever and enjoy every minute of it. Remember to click as many ads as you can daily to unlock your daily bonus of up to 10 cents!