Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service (simplified version 1.0)


1. Do not use a VPN or Proxy at all on this site or you will be suspended!

2. Do not use an autoclicker to click ads without human interaction or you will be suspended!

3. Do not create multiple accounts or you will be suspended!

4 Do not interfere or try to hack the site in anyway or you will be Blacklisted

5. The management can suspend any account at anytime for any reason! (This is a lie.. we will only suspend accounts with a valid reason as stated above!)

 6. Do not use an easy password or easy for you or others to guess. If you are fond to be using the same password of other members you will be suspended.


1. Payments are sent using bitcoin on a weekly basis. Users are required to enter their bitcoin address to be paid, any other entry will forfeit any earnings requested.

2. Payments are paid to users after manual checking of their accounts to prevent cheaters. We can and will stop any payment to any member we suspenct of cheating. You will be allowed to appeal any decision with proof, and the management will evaluate and reply. This decision is final!

3. Payment minimum is just 10 cents. As we pay using bitcoin the transaction charges will increase or decrease. Our payments are sent with the lowest fee and fees are deducted from your request. Also a 1c fee is also charged by us for processing. (This may seem big on a 10c withdrawal, you can save fees by requesting a larger amount less often)

4. Payments to us are sent using bitcoin and many other altcoins including ripple and monero. All payments to us are non refundable and can only be used for upgrading your account.


1. we allow referrals from everywhere and everyone for any reason (exclusions below), each member gets unlimited referrals.

2. Do not Spam your referral link. Only regular posts and advertising links are allowed.

3. Do not refer yourself by making multiple accounts this is a restricted activity as mentioned in Suspension Point 3.

4. Refback website owners may be restricted to just 100 referrals as per our Fair use policy!

5. You need to click 10 PTC ads each day to earn from your referrals the next day.

Upgrades & Account

1. All upgrades are as seen and do not guarantee a profit. you accept when making the purchase that you may not make the full amount back within the alotted time.

2. Upgrades are offered as an option and are not required to cashout or earn from our website. They offer increased earnings and winnings for those who refer more members and who are active every day.

3. Do not use an easy to guess password or the same email and password as other websites. We suggest using Gmail and using a new password or Google's suggested passwords for our website. We do not take any responsibility for any losses relating to a lack of security.

 4. By joining Iron PTC you agree to recieve up to 1 email per week and up to 3 internal messages per week with offers, updates and some realy great bonuses. But you can turn off these settings in your account. Giving you full control over how we contact you.

Fair Use Policy

1. Refback website owners and other members who offer a percentage of referral credits back to the user are restricted to 100 Referrals and must disclose this information to the management as soon as they join the web site.

2. Members are only permitted to send payments to themselves. any misuse of this or grouping payouts to the same accounts will be traced and the members in question will be suspended.

3. Each member can withdraw an unlimited amount on each request, we may restrict withdrawal maximums at our discretion all members will be informed beforehand.